For The Love Of Cooking…

For The Love Of Cooking… 6 Feb

For The Love Of Cooking…

This writing is all about how I started cooking at very young age and how I impressed my friends with my cooking skills getting easy recipes of Martha and Marley Spoon. Thanks to Marley Spoon Voucher codes as they make their recipes more affordable  for me.

I am sixteen years old and I have recently learned cooking from my mother. It’s not even a month I have been into cooking. I was not forced into it but my love for food has led me to this path.

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Lately, I was discussing about my cooking habit with my friends and they self-invited them at my place for diner last weekend. I wanted to tell them that I am not an expert and have just started learning but they did not listen to me and asked to feed them anything, the only rule was, it should be made by me. So I needed a service like Marley Spoon desperately.

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21 Oct

Dream Big… Princess Filler makes you look cleaner

Dreaming for being a super model is not a crime but for me it was. My skin made me embarrassed in front of many people but then I dealt with it smartly using Princess Filler.

My skin used to be naturally untidy and full of different kinds of scars which were clearly due to unhealthiness of skin. I never had acne, never had to go through the problems of having pimples or wrinkles on my skin but the dim sight of skin was a stone between me and my dreams. I went to a number of agencies for modeling auditions and they told me, Sonny, You’re great but you need to work on your skin”.

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Recovering From Anemia Causing Hair Fall 26 Sep

Recovering From Anemia Causing Hair Fall

This blog is about iron deficiency and how it can cause hair loss. Also, how I fought from anemic hair loss using Dr. CYJ Hair Filler.

A lot of woman can go iron deficient in their life spam but they usually bounce back. But some people like me can really have troubles because of iron deficiency. One day I went to a regular checkup to my doctor. The doctor told me that my hemoglobin level is 6.2. I did not knew initially what it meant until doctor sent me to emergency room. It was the time I realized something is seriously wrong with my body. You can buy Dr.Cyj hair filler product from here.

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pelo baum hair products 18 Sep

My Healthy Hair Story with Pelo Baum

Since high school, I switched my hair all the time in terms of color as well as structure. My hair was originally curly and brown in structure and color, respectively. I used to switch my hair to blonde and straighten them twice a day, every single day of the month of the year. I never left my hair curly. This went on and on until I graduated. After graduation, I took a picture with my mother and did not even hit me until I realized how damaged my hair was. I spent a lot of time trying to discover the magic pill to fix my hair. But unfortunately no such pill exists yet, but then my friend told me about Pelo Baum hair products which I bought from Meso Pro.

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