My Healthy Hair Story with Pelo Baum

pelo baum hair products 18 Sep

My Healthy Hair Story with Pelo Baum

Since high school, I switched my hair all the time in terms of color as well as structure. My hair was originally curly and brown in structure and color, respectively. I used to switch my hair to blonde and straighten them twice a day, every single day of the month of the year. I never left my hair curly. This went on and on until I graduated. After graduation, I took a picture with my mother and did not even hit me until I realized how damaged my hair was. I spent a lot of time trying to discover the magic pill to fix my hair. But unfortunately no such pill exists yet, but then my friend told me about Pelo Baum hair products which I bought from Meso Pro.

For instance if your nail is half broken, you cannot fix it, until you cut it out and it grows back again into new. Similarly, my hair needed the time to get fixed. It can never go like I wake up in the morning one day with beautiful long hair. The long duration of constantly straightening and chemical treatment in my hair needed time to recover. I was using unnecessary means to fix my hair which ended up in hormonal disaster and caused acne on my skin. However, acne eventually went away when I left the pills.

So I went to the hair salon and told them to cut my dead ends. It did not get better even after getting my hair trimmed. In search of a permanent solution for my hair, I was recommended to use Pelo Baum Hair Products. It includes three products; revitalizing shampoo, conditioner and a solution. One of the most important things about them is, they are composed of organic bio-active agents derived from non-animal sources. So they will not cause harm to your hair as your hair already contains it naturally.

Also, it is important to buy your product from genuine market to get a good quality product.

I used these products for six weeks and I could finally see the difference between where I started and where I am now. I honestly used to think that it’s one of the sources to earn money for sellers in the market but I went in disbelief as soon as I witnessed the results. I have now skipped using flatteners on my hair; twice or thrice a month only. I also avoid using any harsh chemical dyes. In addition to that, I deep condition my hair twice a week which makes my hair grow shiner and finer every single day.

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