Recovering From Anemia Causing Hair Fall

Recovering From Anemia Causing Hair Fall 26 Sep

Recovering From Anemia Causing Hair Fall

This blog is about iron deficiency and how it can cause hair loss. Also, how I fought from anemic hair loss using Dr. CYJ Hair Filler.

A lot of woman can go iron deficient in their life spam but they usually bounce back. But some people like me can really have troubles because of iron deficiency. One day I went to a regular checkup to my doctor. The doctor told me that my hemoglobin level is 6.2. I did not knew initially what it meant until doctor sent me to emergency room. It was the time I realized something is seriously wrong with my body. You can buy Dr.Cyj hair filler product from here.

My blood levels were dangerously low. I was anemic to a point where I had blood transfusion; two bags of blood into my body. I did not realize that I was anemic to this level. Anyways, the doctor gave me medications and my stomach went upset with those iron pills. I called the doctor to change my prescription as it was hurting my stomach badly. He gave me slow sulphate iron pills. I took those pills for three days and my stomach was still paining a lot. I tried taking iron foods but I was so deficient that raw food was not making things better.

Eventually, I stopped taking those medicines and I went anemic again. On top of that, I started losing my hair. I had the blood transfusions again. This time, I found pills that won’t hurt my stomach. Finally, after a couple of months of healthy diet, proper routine checkup and non-hurting stomach pills for iron deficiency made me healthy. But the hair loss that I got during anemia was increasing day by day. One day, I noticed while brushing, a bunch of my hair was lying down on the floor. I felt hilarious. I went to see dermatologist and because my hair loss was so severe and couldn’t stop so each one of them recommended me to use hair filler.

Therefore, I bought Dr. CYJ Hair Filler from This is an amazing website as they supervised the treatment under the guide of an expert who eases the pain of surgery. My hair started growing back within two weeks after the serum was injected. I felt surprisingly amazing after using this product and to get my lost hair back, healthier.

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