Month: February 2018

For The Love Of Cooking… 6 Feb

For The Love Of Cooking…

This writing is all about how I started cooking at very young age and how I impressed my friends with my cooking skills getting easy recipes of Martha and Marley Spoon. Thanks to Marley Spoon Coupon Codes as they make their recipes more affordable  for me.

I am sixteen years old and I have recently learned cooking from my mother. It’s not even a month I have been into cooking. I was not forced into it but my love for food has led me to this path.

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Lately, I was discussing about my cooking habit with my friends and they self-invited them at my place for diner last weekend. I wanted to tell them that I am not an expert and have just started learning but they did not listen to me and asked to feed them anything, the only rule was, it should be made by me. So I needed a service like Marley Spoon desperately.

Obviously, they were coming at my place for the first time. So I couldn’t treat them average. I had to cook something especial for my friends. I also wanted to impress everyone with my cooking especially the guy I have crush on. I went home that day and started looking for a number of easy and delicious food recipes for the weekend party. I also told my mother about the whole scenario and she helped me out into it. She told me about Marley Spoon and also about Marley Spoon discount code for Australia.

It is a meal delivery service which serves you with your favorite chosen dishes in a meal box at your doors.  The meal is pre-portioned with respect to the number of serving so your food won’t go wasted. Also, all the ingredients; vegetables, meat or spices are present in the box. All you need to do is just take them out of box, cut and cook. You don’t have to get into the trouble of going for grocery shopping as each and every ingredient is already present in the box. The box temperature is maintained so that the food won’t lose its freshness and quality.

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I ordered two recipes with 6 servings each. It is a totally affordable and reliable service. My friends really liked the food I made, and they left appreciating and getting highly impressed with my cooking ability.